Western medicine has instigated a flawed thought process when it comes to our health.  We tend to think of ourselves in ‘systems’ or ‘parts’, rather than appreciating the whole. If we have a heart issue, we see a heart specialist.  For kidney concerns, it’s the kidney doctor we seek out or are referred to. If our guts are in disarray, we go to the gastroenterologist.

This rationale has caused us to separate the body into structures/systems that operate independently, and has basically caused us to miss the forest for the trees.  Each body part is connected to and interdependent with the other parts of your body.  When there is an issue with a ‘part’, we can almost guarantee that the issue started with or is at least involved with other ‘parts’ of the body.

For example – men: did you know the health of your mouth (teeth and gums) is involved with the condition of your prostate?  Avoiding any snide comments or jokes ladies, research has shown that inflammation of the prostate is directly related to moderate to severe gum disease.  Prostate inflammation and symptoms such as urgency and night time urination can be improved with good periodontal care/health.

Who would have thought these two distinct body parts were so interconnected?  It is yet another example of the body’s ‘wholeness’ and demonstrates the importance of looking at the big picture when it comes to our health. See your dentist to keep your mouth and gums healthy and it is likely to benefit your prostate.

That being said, however; if your dentist tries to check your prostate, I would suggest a new dentist…

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