There comes a point in almost every lifter’s journey where the question of steroids enters the sphere.

Now, I’ll be honest with you, I neither condone nor condemn anabolic steroids. I do, however, believe there is a powerful way to achieve the physique you desire without using steroids. A few years ago, I even wrote a whole book about it called Better Than Steroids.

In order to understand why I think there is a powerful way to your ideal physique without the use of steroids, let’s first dive into the what, how and why steroids are often a desired additive to the fitness journey.

“The strongest thing I put into my body is steak and eggs.” — Jim Thome

A Genetic Ceiling

We are all under a “genetic ceiling.” By that, I mean that we all have a potential point in size, shape, strength, curves and overall look that is set by your parents and by their parents before them. We can only get so big, so strong, or so shapely depending on our genetic limits. Now, there may be a few exceptions to this rule — Jay Cutler comes to mind — but there are only a few of them, and the rest are those like us.

This is true regardless of your use of steroids.

Your ceiling is the same no matter what you inject, ingest, or change. What’s more, the minute you stop the drugs, you will return to your baseline. No matter how many more you take, how many more powerful ones you use, or how many growth hormones you add, once your upper limit has been reached, you will stop getting bigger, stronger or shapelier. Steroids do not keep you in that form or function once you are off of them.

But I Know This Guy…

Everyone seems to know someone that is an exception to this rule, or perhaps their own experience was contrary to this. “I know this guy who gained 12 pounds on Dianabol, and only six of them came off when he stopped.” Or something similar.

That may actually be true, but here is why — when someone delves into anabolic steroid use, they generally train harder, sleep more and, most importantly, eat better. This is why steroids may seem to have a long-term benefit or effect.

It is the changes in overall behavior while on steroids that make the difference.

So why not learn better training, recovery methods and eating strategies that help you achieve the most ideal shape you can?

Another Secret the Steroid Guys Won’t Tell You

Yes, everyone has height limits on their ceiling, but those limits are the height of the Sistine Chapel. Your potential isn’t small, nor is it endless, but it is obtainable.

Plan to move through your genetic potential horizontally by eating well, exercising hard, and continually changing your routine. You will see your body continually changing. Steroids will only take you to your genetic ceiling, but food and exercise will allow you to go up and around. It’s like climbing a wheeled ladder to your genetic ceiling. Sure, there is a finite height, but because your metaphorical ladder is on wheels, you can “paint” the whole thing.

If you take to heart the methods I’m rolling out to you, you will achieve lasting size, strength, and shapeliness. You will continue to climb the ladder of achievement until you’ve reached your ceiling

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